“I want to create films that our special to the movie goer. A film that won’t be forgotten for its story, message and controversial risks. I’m here to entertain the audience and my goal is to make sure they receive that proper treatment.”


Who am I?? Besides a film director I’ve won a bronze medal in racquetball Olympics. I’ve played professional poker for a living in Las Vegas. I love going to Universal Studios Florida in Orlando and taking side trips to surf the Gulf. I am also a huge comic-con fan, I cosplay every-year at Alamo City Com-icon in San Antonio.

With all that said, my favorite tends to be a quiet evening with the family taking in a movie. I have two wonderful kids and a lovely wife that keep me busy 22/7 (they allow me two hours a week to work on my films).

My main inspiration in the film industry is James Wan’s work. I study Conjuring and Insidious films weekly when I lay in bed from behind the scene work to actually watching the films over and over again.

I acted in my first film GH5, and had a cry scene with my brothers that made me depressed for almost a week. This is were I learned the type of impact filming such scenes could have on an actor. I love having that experience I believe it makes me stronger with my relationships with the other actors I am working with, be in acting or directing.

My goal is to make sure we all achieve our goals within the film industry.